TRPLF Hosts Ranchers at Event

The TRPLF hosted an appreciation event for ranchers who donated live cottonwood trees for the Elkhorn Ranch Cabin replica on Sunday, September 17, at the historic Belfield Theater in Belfield, North Dakota.

John Hanson shares anecdotes about harvesting cottonwood logs with the ranchers who donated them at the rancher appreciation event held in September 2017.

Guests enjoyed a buffet lunch and then heard reminiscences of harvesting the trees during the fall and winter of 2016-17 by John Hanson of the Logging Camp Ranch near Amidon, who spearheaded the effort to contact the ranchers and collect the logs.

Builder Richard Bickel gave a demonstration about the tools he and his crew will use to build the cabin and showed those in attendance the scale model he is building of the cabin. 

Master Builder Richard Bickel explains the type of tools that were used to build the original Elkhorn Ranch Cabin and that he and his crew will use to build the replica at the TRPL.

To end the afternoon, President Theodore Roosevelt, portrayed by Clay Jenkinson, entertained guests with stories about the impact North Dakota had on his life and the importance of the Elkhorn Ranch to his experience in badlands. 

“It was here that the romance of my life began.”
— Theodore Roosevelt