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Citizenship | Leadership | Conservation


Explore TR’s life, legacy, and enduring relevance.


Inspire action and fearless participation in the arena.


Dare Greatly | Think Boldly | Live Passionately | Care Deeply


TR was a natural-born leader. Whether as police commissioner or President, TR always sought not only to participate in public life, but to lead, fuel progress, and create precedent. His blend of courage and compassion made him a model leader for his time and generations to come.
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Theodore Roosevelt is often considered the "conservationist president." In the North Dakota Badlands, Roosevelt is remembered with a national park that bears his name and honors the memory of the original conservationist.
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Theodore Roosevelt was an endlessly motivated public servant. The wide range of roles and titles he held throughout his life is a testament to his unflagging commitment to service. Never one to sit on the sidelines, TR was well and truly the man in the Arena.
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