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We invite you to join Theodore Roosevelt’s legacy of conservation, leadership, and citizenship. Among the doors he opened and legacies he built, TR left our generation 230 million acres of public land set aside for Federal Bird Reserves, National Parks, Forests, and Monuments. Are you ready to join this tradition?


To become a member of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Heritage Society, simply notify us you are including the Foundation in your estate plan, retirement plan, or other deferred gift–such as a trust. Estate gift provisions are simple, often revocable and changeable at any time, and can also provide tax benefits.

With this kind of revocable estate gift, you can ensure that your money is available per emergency, while still being part of a publicly-recognized legacy society through the Theodore Roosevelt’s Presidential Library Heritage Society.

How to Make a Gift

Estate attorneys and tax professionals are helpful guides for these processes, and we encourage all donors to consult with their relevant advisors. A typical bequest via a will might read: “I hereby give, devise and bequeath [insert gift] to the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation, Federal Employment Identification Number 47-1324043, located at 1401 East Calgary Ave, Suite 210, Bismarck, ND 58503.”

For gifts reserved through a retirement account, the process is as simple as accessing your account and denoting the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation as one of your percentage beneficiaries. This process often takes minutes, is fully revocable, and qualifies you for membership in the Society.

Benefits of the Society

The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Heritage Society takes the best of the TR tradition, houses it within a world class presidential library, and combines it with your vision for the future.

Please let us know that you have included us in a planned gift, and we will be happy to enroll you in the Heritage Society. Your name, or the name of someone you honor, will be recognized on-site at the Presidential Library in North Dakota, as well as in other published recognition materials.

For more information, please contact us at


The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library welcomes support in any amount from those who join us in the arena.

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