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Theodore Roosevelt is one of the most intriguing figures in our nation’s history. These are the Pillar Principles of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation:


T.R. was a prodigious scholar and fierce leader; at the root of his perseverance was his struggle with asthma and health conditions. He believed that one learns from experience, and the right thing to do is to show up and try.

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An adamant proponent of utilizing the country’s natural resources, Roosevelt also wanted to ensure the sustainability of those resources.

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Theodore Roosevelt was a family man who preached public service, fiercely believing one has an obligation to act. He believed in aggressive honesty, decency, courage, and acted with common sense.

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Why North Dakota: Teddy and the Badlands

T.R. was a New Yorker by chance, and a North Dakotan by choice; he was an easterner and a westerner, but above all he was quintessentially American.

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Our Progress

Building a library befitting the unique legacy of Theodore Roosevelt takes time. Here's how we see the next year unfolding.
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T.R.'s legacy is in every corner of the country he helped shape, guide, and inspire. With the help of partners, including the Theodore Roosevelt Center, we aim to digitize the archive of an analog President, making it accessible for everyone, everywhere, for generations to come.
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A Message from the CEO

There are two questions I repeatedly encounter about 
this ambitious project: Wait, Theodore Roosevelt doesn’t have a presidential library?, and why North Dakota?
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