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The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation is a non-profit organization that is planning, building, and overseeing operations of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library. 

The Board

The Presidential Library Foundation board of trustees includes local and national leaders who contribute time, resources, organizational skills, and vision.

Meet Our Trustees

Our Mission, Vision, Values

The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library will honor the life, legacy, and enduring relevance of our 26th president. We hope every visit will inspire bold action and fearless participation In the Arena—and challenge all of us to dare greatly, think boldly, live passionately, and care deeply. Just like T.R.

Believe you can, and you're halfway there.

Theodore Roosevelt
26th President of the United States

Build It With Us

Through the principles of Conservation, Leadership, and Citizenship, we will build an architecturally significant destination at the fulcrum of T.R.’s heroic journey: the Badlands of North Dakota. This is the cradle of conservation, and where he proved he could embody the strenuous life. Join us.


2022 Board & Committee Meetings

Finance Committee Meeting – Februay 4, 2022

Board Meeting – February 8, 2022

Finance Committee Meeting – April 19, 2022

Board Meeting – May 3, 2022

Finance Committee Meeting – September 8, 2022

Finance Open Committee Meeting – September 21, 2022: 3:00- 4:00 MT

Board Meeting – September 22, 2022

Finance Committee Meeting – December 12, 2022

Board Meeting – December 16, 2022

Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt

Our Vision

Theodore Roosevelt died—unexpectedly—on January 6, 1919, and the nation awoke, stunned by the news that such a vigorous, larger-than-life figure was gone. Memorials were planned, associations formed, historic homes preserved, and yet Theodore Roosevelt does not have a presidential library.
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Snøhetta rendering of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library breezeway

Contact Us

We aim to build a legacy for today, to create a new tomorrow. But we are not embarking on this journey alone – this is one we are taking together, alongside you. We welcome you to read frequently asked questions below. If you have anything else to share, please reach out through the form below.
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The Speech that Stopped a Bullet

Theodore Roosevelt’s life almost ended on the campaign trail. In 1912, while running for a third presidential term, Roosevelt was the victim of an assassination attempt at the hands of a violent and deluded saloonkeeper, John Flammang Schrank.
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