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Rod Backman, Treasurer

Dr. Stephen Dow Beckham

Marjorie Currey

Chevy Humphrey

Robert Lauf III

Linda Pancratz

Cathilea Robinett, Chair

Kermit Roosevelt III

Serena Roosevelt

Murray Sagsveen

Eileen Scheel

Melani Walton

Roosevelt and the Badlands: Why North Dakota

T.R. was a New Yorker by chance, and a North Dakotan by choice; he was an easterner and a westerner, but above all he was quintessentially American.
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Our Vision

Theodore Roosevelt died—unexpectedly—on January 6, 1919, and the nation awoke, stunned by the news that such a vigorous, larger-than-life figure was gone. Memorials were planned, associations formed, historic homes preserved, and yet Theodore Roosevelt does not have a presidential library.
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